Quite often complaints will be the main reason to think of acupuncture.
You are welcome to approach me with any complaint to do with pregnancy, from headaches to heartburn, or backache to restless legs, etc..
But you may also contact me with complaints that don’t seem to be directly related to being pregnant.

Psychological problems

‘I don’t recognize myself anymore’ is something I have heard pregnant women say quite regularly. Anger, fear, sadness, etc.., can all of a sudden be present quite strongly.
During a pregnancy two people are growing: the baby and the woman. The woman’s body not only changes, but also her feelings, psyche and mind go through certain processes of change.
Daring to change during the pregnancy, to get used to or stay in tune with oneself,- changed or not-, are processes I like to support with acupuncture treatments and talking sessions.

Preparing for labour with acupuncture

This type of acupuncture treatment starts four weeks before the due date.
You will be treated once a week. The aim of the treatment is among other things the gradual softening of the mouth of the womb (cervix), so the cervix will dilate easier when you’re giving birth.
Simultaneous to preparing the body for birth the most common symptoms that occur in the last, often hard weeks of the pregnancy, like sleeping problems, edema, heartburn, frustrations, etc.., will also be treated and prevented.
Because of the balance of the energy in your body, you will be stronger during labor and you will get through the process of giving birth better. These treatments do not induce contractions. Therefore they differ from treatments that are meant to induce labor.

Breech presentation

A breech presentation is also a result from an imbalance in the mother and deserves a timely treatment (preferably at 33 weeks), to enable the child to turn around. In this case, the acupuncture treatment will be often combined with a moxa-treatment.