yun Kopie 2

Seal script – letter „Yun“ : the uterus as home for the fetus = being pregnant

Pregnancy is a healthy state of being. My goal is to enable women to experience this phase in their lives that way too: in health and in wellbeing.
Frequently recurring and annoying complaints are in my opinion not part of a good pregnancy, the idea that ‘it’s part of the deal’ doesn’t seem right to me if you are, for example, nauseous and vomiting each morning. Just feeling a bit queasy for a little while in the morning could be considered normal. In my opinion, lying awake for hours during the night is also not a good way to prepare for having a baby. In many cases I combine the acupuncture treatment with nutritional-and/or lifestyle-advise.

You don’t necessarily need to have a complaint to choose acupuncture. To prevent complaints from happening it’s preferable to get treated with acupuncture a few times, spread out over a few months, during the pregnancy. If you, the mother, are doing well, your child can do well too.